Razoyo’s development work now associated with Prestigious Watch Awards

Razoyo’s development work now associated with Prestigious Watch Awards
Thousand Dollar Shave Society

Ad Week Watch Awards

When Kirby Allison of Hanger Project, a company that sells luxury wooden hangers, came to me over a year ago saying how the Dollar Shave Club is for boys and that real men need a place to get their shaving equipment. Honestly, I was skeptical, but I was supportive nonetheless. I knew that when Kirby has passion for something, he makes it happen.

The next thing I knew, he had a world-class (and hilarious) advertising video. Then, Esquire decided to feature his brand on its site. With the quickly-garnered interest the brand received, a tight timeline for adding a Magento store — that didn’t look like a Magento store at all — became necessary.

He wanted buttons to increase and decrease product counts. No bourgeois drop downs or, heaven forbid, boxes where you type in a number. Plus and minus buttons were it. We had to shorten the checkout process, add recommended upsells that added to the cart directly from the cart page (without refreshing), and a host of other slick, friction-reducing, features.

Of course, the site had to be responsive, had to have a specific, photographic, background that stayed put while content scrolled across it, and other aesthetic features. If Kirby, the ultimate aesthete wasn’t happy with it, it wasn’t going to fly. So, we did it.

The results were the Thousand Dollar Shave Society. The video, which went viral and started the whole phenomenon is now a Watch Awards winner. Congratulations Kirby and Kiran on a phenomenal production!


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Paul is the President of Razoyo and a veteran of ecommerce having been a merchant, consultant and developer.

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