Advanced Google Analytics Consulting for Magento

Advanced Google Analytics Consulting for Magento

Advanced Google Analytics Consulting for Magento

With the advanced Google Analytics consulting package, you will get everything the entry level package has to offer plus your choice of one of the following:

3 A/B tests to improve conversion

Once we identify 3 ways to improve conversion on your site, we will define 3 A/B tests to find the best experience that will deliver that conversion improvement. Setting up A/B tests can get daunting. We take the pain out of testing and measuring with this service option. First we will create a hypothesis, then we will define the various versions we want to test, and finally cap it off with a test measurement plan. Once this is place, we will work with your team to code and implement the tests.

SEO Analytics deep dive

Google has made SEO so much harder in the last few years that it is no longer enough to track the top 10 keywords that drive traffic to your site. Indeed, there is long tail, auto complete, and location awareness now to consider. To top that, Google has taken away the ability to link traffic to specific keywords! Enter our SEO analytics package. We will identify buckets of keywords that your site ranks for and will deliver the tracking in a very easy to use format. You will be able to view your keyword data at the strategic and the tactical levels. Through this data, we will identify broad trends for your marketing team to leverage. This SEO analytics report will become the cornerstone of SEO performance tracking at your company.

Marketing Channel Analytics

How many times have you seen teams spend marketing budget on stuff that makes no difference to your bottom line? With this service, you will be able to optimize your marketing spend so you allocate money to the channels and segments that matter. We can make your marketing budget more effective by linking marketing spend to analytics to figure out what is working and what needs to be changed.

Whether you select A/B testing or SEO analytics or marketing channel analytics, you can count on us to make every effort to improve your Magento site’s business performance!

About Bay Leaf Digital:

Bay Leaf Digital started in March 2013 with the goal of leveraging big business learning to benefit medium sized organizations. After working in digital marketing at major brands such as Travelocity, CitiFinancial, and Sheplers, the Bayleaf Team developed a passion for digital data analytics. Their expertise is in converting performance insights into actionable plans that help businesses improve their bottom line.

Areas of focus:

  • Web Analytics Consulting
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Automation