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Holiday Shopping: A Star Wars Story


Well, hello! It’s everyone’s favorite Application Specialist, back again to give you some tips and maybe provide a bit of insight into the Magento world. Instead of going through the [...]

Holiday Shopping: A Star Wars Story2017-12-15T14:36:05-06:00

The Road to Mage Titans 2017


With roughly a month to go, we are fast approaching the yearly Mage Titans event in Austin, Texas. While the gathering is not as massive as Imagine, it is still [...]

The Road to Mage Titans 20172017-08-11T14:23:11-05:00

Razoyo and the Road to Improving QA


QA and Razoyo When a client requests a service, whether it be custom development or an extension installation, quality assurance is a guarantee in their minds. No client thinks to [...]

Razoyo and the Road to Improving QA2017-08-03T12:43:58-05:00

IRCE: Our Expectations


It is impossible of us to attend every Magento and eCommerce themed convention that pops up throughout the year. Because of this, we at Razoyo pick and choose which events [...]

IRCE: Our Expectations2017-06-05T15:22:41-05:00

How to Measure Web Performance


Owning and operating an eCommerce business comes with a massive set of responsibilities. Running the business itself is already a daunting task, yet the difficulty increases tenfold when it comes [...]

How to Measure Web Performance2017-05-12T12:48:14-05:00

Dealing with Product Import Errors


If you use catalog imports in any capacity, you understand the frustration that comes with the process. Regardless of your current version of Magento, whether it’s M1 or 2, the [...]

Dealing with Product Import Errors2017-04-20T15:41:10-05:00

Pods: Boosting our Efficiency


We at Razoyo are always striving to improve ourselves and our process. Quite some time ago, we made the switch from Zendesk to JIRA to fix our flawed ticketing system. [...]

Pods: Boosting our Efficiency2017-05-04T10:12:23-05:00


Razoyo is an ecommerce consultancy and Magento Certified Developer serving the needs of small and medium-sized web stores. We help online merchants to create, manage, maintain and update their stores, and to solve both business and technology problems.