Limited Time COVID-19 Relief Package

Image of Zoy monster in hazmat gear spray cleaning an iPhone
Stay safe. Stay clean. Get online!

We’re here to help

Razoyo is proud to work with BigCommerce® in the global initiative to get small businesses online quick.

This package of services is designed to be affordable for small businesses who need a quick upgrade to their online presence or who need one NOW.

The ‘I got this’ Package – $500

Let us provide you with just enough help to point you in the right direction and do some of the heavy lifting when needed. Razoyo has deep experience with the BigCommerce platform that we will apply to get you going quickly.

This package is ideal for merchants with a few hundred products and some tech-savvy.

  • 1 hour of personalized screen-share training
  • Up to 2 hours of assistance and consulting to set up your catalog
  • Apply basic template design based on your logo
  • Up to 2 hours additional assistance as needed

The ‘Help Please!’ Package – $1000

Ideal for merchants with a slightly more complicated package or who need us to do more of the data work for them.

  • 2 hours of screen-share training and configuration assistance
  • Up to 4 hours catalog assistance and uploading support
  • Apply basic template design based on your logo
  • 4 hours additional assistance

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What’s not covered?

This service assumes you will provide all photos, logos and drawings you would like to put on the site. We’re happy to point you to resources to find what you need.

We can help you manipulate product data but most of the ‘manual’ work of filling out spread sheets or gathering data will be your responsibility. We can help you figure out more efficient ways to do it.

There’s not much room in these budgets for customization but we’ll make the most of the time we have to help you get what you need from the investment.

Not sure if this is the right move?

Either chat with us or click on the ‘Free Consultation’ tab for a candid discussion of your needs and options.

Need additional help?

We’re always available to help with additional projects either on a retainer basis or on demand.