Complex Product Migration - Magento to BigCommerce


A seller of firearm accessories with a complex Magento implementation including Embedded ERP, high use of configurable products, customized availability reporting on product pages for 100s of combinations was facing M1 EOS.

The merchant desired a solution that would increase their ability to update content while decreasing maintenance and other costs. One main concern was the cost of the numerous upgrades forced on merchants by Magento 2’s policy of short support windows for each minor version.


Razoyo proposed moving to BigCommerce Enterprise and working with integrated services and middleware to achieve the desired custom functionality. Specifically, the client had two customizations that were essential to their business:

  1. A gun accessory finder based on the type of gun and its options (scope, barrel type, etc.), with cascading selections, and
  2. An inventory availability tool on the product page. For products that can have hundreds of variations (color, finish, application, handedness to name a few) knowing which variation is in stock and can ship right away versus which must be custom-made.


The result is a highly-performant, stable solution with minimal required maintenance. The merchant is now able to manage content more easily.

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