Case Study: Flasking

Case Study: Flasking


Tight margins create need for highly efficient automated ordering system


Ensure that complex ordering and shipping system works seamlessly

People who shop at are looking for an affordable product that stands out. The company works with a variety of artists, who hand-design all the flasks offered on the site, and communicating with that large pool of vendors can be a challenge. When Flasking needed to upgrade its software system to include unique functionality to allow them to communicate more efficiently with vendors, Razoyo stepped in to make it happen. Flasking needed an automated system that would not only notify its large pool of artisan producers that an order had been placed, but would also ensure that products were shipping in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. The challenge was to build the logic needed to automate the process and to customize a Magento extension, along with a module the company was using, to execute the process. The developer who had been working on the site didn't have the expertise to meet that need, and that's when Razoyo stepped in.


Razoyo combines programming expertise with Magento know-how to create efficiency

Razoyo's Magento-certified development team created the logic and the code needed to extend the module Flasking was using, and thus pave the way for 100 percent automation. Flasking had already developed an effective workflow process, but its team didn't have the programming logic to automate it and, because that is not a native functionality of the Magento software, a coding team with strong Magento experience was sorely needed to ensure everything worked together seamlessly.


Workflow fully automated and helping to improve company's bottom line

Once Razoyo's coding was in place, every aspect of the automated ordering and shipping system worked together for maximum efficiency. Flasking's business process is now fully automated, resulting in a significant reduction in the staff and overhead needed to manage orders.

"Our company's success was directly tied to our ability to automate our ordering and shipping system. We knew exactly how we wanted the workflow to be executed, but we didn't have the expertise to automate it, and make it work perfectly with Magento. The team at Razoyo took that burden off of our shoulders, and now the process works just as we envisioned it. This success has been very good for our bottom line."