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Democratic Iowa Caucus Shadow App – A Cautionary Tail for Digital Commerce Software Development


What was wrong with the Iowa Caucus voting app? In case you have been hiding under a rock during the Iowa Caucuses, here's a quick summary. The Iowa Democrats decided [...]

Democratic Iowa Caucus Shadow App – A Cautionary Tail for Digital Commerce Software Development2020-02-06T16:40:10-06:00

Razoyo and PayPal Mobile Ecommerce Initiative


Razoyo is proud to announce our participation in an exciting Magento Community initiative — the Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative. Since December of 2017, we’ve been actively working with [...]

Razoyo and PayPal Mobile Ecommerce Initiative2018-10-11T17:34:27-05:00

Fueling Customer Loyalty Through Site Design


In today's digital world where customer loyalty is scarce or non-existent, there are strategies available to ensure repeat site visitors and customers. The more loyal customers a site has, the [...]

Fueling Customer Loyalty Through Site Design2017-09-05T16:09:35-05:00

How to Measure Web Performance


Owning and operating an eCommerce business comes with a massive set of responsibilities. Running the business itself is already a daunting task, yet the difficulty increases tenfold when it comes [...]

How to Measure Web Performance2017-05-12T12:48:14-05:00

Magento Imagine 2017 Conference – Day 2 Highlights


Magento Imagine 2017 General Session The evolution of ecommerce While Mark Lavelle did not make any earth-shattering announcements, he did lay out the business case for commitment to Magento [...]

Magento Imagine 2017 Conference – Day 2 Highlights2017-04-04T20:33:50-05:00

Ways Magento Can Improve M2


At this point, it’s no secret that Magento 2 has it’s fair share of issues. In fact, the bugs and issues have somewhat divided the community, with users taking to [...]

Ways Magento Can Improve M22017-04-18T10:08:25-05:00

Useful Features in Magento 2


Magento 2 is a controversial platform at the moment, to say the least. There are nice improvements in the platform, but several bugs still exist. And, while it has its [...]

Useful Features in Magento 22017-04-18T10:08:25-05:00


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