eCommerce Technology

eCommerce Technology

Amazon, Magento PageBuilder and B2B at Imagine 2018


Paul Byrne, president of Razoyo (black shirt, tan pants) participates in PayPal's discussion panel on Mobile Payment optimization at Magento's 2018 Imagine Conference. The last two days of [...]

Amazon, Magento PageBuilder and B2B at Imagine 20182018-11-12T12:45:09+00:00

Magento Imagine 2018 Conference Day 1 Update


Magento Imagine Conference In case you're not familiar with the Imagine conference that Magento hosts every year, it's not what I would call your standard tech conference. This one is [...]

Magento Imagine 2018 Conference Day 1 Update2018-04-23T18:34:51+00:00

The State of Magento 2 – Criticisms and Defense


While crafting a response to this post on reddit, I soon realized my opinion was bigger than a reddit response and could be interesting to our blog followers. What is the state [...]

The State of Magento 2 – Criticisms and Defense2019-02-05T11:58:22+00:00

Amazon vs Alibaba: A Perspective from Singapore


    Written Blog By: Paul Hussey Uber, Grab, Amazon, and Alibaba have created a world of convenience and consumer advantage in our modern age, but these tech giants [...]

Amazon vs Alibaba: A Perspective from Singapore2017-12-06T14:04:45+00:00

Fueling Customer Loyalty Through Site Design


In today's digital world where customer loyalty is scarce or non-existent, there are strategies available to ensure repeat site visitors and customers. The more loyal customers a site has, the [...]

Fueling Customer Loyalty Through Site Design2017-09-05T16:09:35+00:00

Ecommerce platforms – a comparison


This article is in response to a question on Quora, about open source ecommerce platforms, but, seemed a little long for a Quora post, so, I moved it here. Open [...]

Ecommerce platforms – a comparison2017-11-02T13:29:29+00:00

Razoyo Announces Partnership with OroCommerce


After much consideration and research, Razoyo is now offering Oro platform (OroCommerce and OroCRM) in addition to our Magento and custom app development services. During our testing phase, many things [...]

Razoyo Announces Partnership with OroCommerce2018-03-22T10:44:19+00:00

IRCE: Our Expectations


It is impossible of us to attend every Magento and eCommerce themed convention that pops up throughout the year. Because of this, we at Razoyo pick and choose which events [...]

IRCE: Our Expectations2017-06-05T15:22:41+00:00


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