Commitment is a word that’s easy to throw around. You’ve no doubt heard from countless business partners that they’re committed to their customers, only to find after working with them that the word seems hollow. For us, commitment is more than just a word; it’s built into our operating process, from start to finish.

Here’s how it works: When we’re getting started on a new project, we perform a technical review to determine the quality of the existing code on your site. Then, our business analysts review the project to ensure that everyone involved thoroughly understands the goals. These steps help to prevent surprises along the way and ensure that your time and money is never wasted.

Our track record proves that Razoyo succeeds where others fail. About half of our clients come to us after they’ve worked with another developer who has not been able to complete the project, often because they’ve encountered a technical issue that they don’t have the expertise to solve. Beyond our platform certifications (Magento, OroCommerce and BigCommerce) , our software engineers have the creativity, experience and teamwork it takes to take on the tough challenges.

Quality control is the foundation of our daily routine. We have a technical leader who reviews our code to ensure high standards, and our developers meet often to review one another’s work and to offer input, all so our clients get reliably excellent work that improves over time.

Finally, we don’t skimp on Security and Testing. Our coders work to anticipate outside attacks, and we’re constantly vigilant about new security threats. We also conduct multi-layer testing on every roll out, so your site works exactly the way you expect. Commitment to our clients guides everything that we do at Razoyo.

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