Customer Engagement Suite Basic

Customer Engagement Suite Basic

Customer Engagement Suite Basic

Powered by Bronto

Razoyo built this package for small and medium-sized clients who have been eager to adapt engagement strategies based on the latest enterprise-level tools but simply do not have the budget to justify subscribing to them on their own.

As always, Razoyo has you covered. By grouping merchants together, we can leverage our clients’ collective volume so that you can gain access to better and better technologies and still have a single point of contact, Razoyo, for all of your eCommerce needs.

Our core CES offering gives you the key elements you need to take your customer engagement to the next level. You could say we’ve wrangled a dinosaur by harnessing the power of Bronto(tm), the email marketing platform most used by the IR 1000.

The revolution of your engagement strategy starts when we install the official Bronto extension for Magento, followed by fully integrating and configuring the new service.

Charged monthly, no longer term contract required

Ask A Question

This feature is great for SEO because it provides not only user-generated content, but, updated, unduplicated content on product pages. “Ask A Question” allows shoppers to inquire about specific details of a product by posing a question directly from the product page. Answers can be given by your staff and other shoppers (with the ability to moderate answers before they are published).

Google Analytics Integration

Performance analysis is an important component of driving long-term revenue through continuous improvement. With the Bronto-Google Analytics integration we configure, you’ll be able to track your Bronto success seamlessly in a dashboard you are already comfortable with.

Bronto-generated Reminder Emails

In addition to implementing stellar product reviews, we will configure custom reminder emails that trigger when a customer abandons their cart, or following a purchase to encourage a product review. Engaging your consumers is critical to driving revenue, and Bronto-generated reminder emails are yet another way you can leverage a high quality service to give your shoppers timely and relevant information.

SEO-friendly Product Reviews


Your product reviews will be given a facelift as well, and will come accompanied with Google Rich Snippets. This will give your products a more detailed, appealing listing when someone uses Google Search by displaying details such as ratings scores and prices.

Welcome Series Emails

Greeting new email subscribers with premium, product-centered content is easy with the Customer Engagement Suite. When we set up your new Bronto service, we will work with you to ensure the first emails your customers receive are tailored precisely to your business and your goals to maximize list retention.

Monthly Performance Reports

Additionally, we will compile useful performance reports for you each month to make it that much easier for you to track the success of individual campaigns and workflows. How much revenue per email am I earning from my welcome series? Which campaign has the best conversion rate? Even do A/B splits to compare subject lines, creative approaches and content. With these reports you will be able to tune email content, timing, and relevancy to maximize conversion.