Magento Emergency Assistance

Magento Emergency Assistance

While there are no 100% guarantees, we do have a 100% recovery success rate helping merchants whose sites or servers have face-planted. The purchase price includes the first 2 hours of recovery service. Additional hours, if required, can be purchased after the initial assessment.

After we recover your system, we do the following:

  • Take a snapshot back-up of your site’s database and keep it on one of our local servers for 30 days
  • Advise you how to make sure you don’t lose data in the future
  • Run system tests to ensure continued stability (assuming your build was stable)

If we aren’t able to get you up and running with zero data loss, Razoyo will:

  • Do a damage assessment - let you know how bad it really is and what is damaged
  • Give you options for recovering as much of your data as possible
  • Recover as much as we can and help you decide how to use it
  • Give you a fixed-price quote on full recovery where possible

How To Get Started

As soon as you purchase this product through this web store, we will be notified and contact you about your purchase. Note that we are open 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday, Central Time. It may take us longer to contact you on evenings or weekends.