Google Analytics Consulting for Magento

Google Analytics Consulting for Magento

Google Analytics Consulting for Magento

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well your Google Analytics data is worth a lot more! With Google Analytics, you can find insights that can help you grow your business. That’s why Razoyo is bringing Google Analytics consulting services to your doorstep! Here’s what you can expect with the entry level package:

Assess analytics readiness for the holidays

Knowing how critical this time of the year is for you, we will start with making sure analytics data is being collected correctly across your site. This will ensure that you are keeping a close tab on orders and conversion in real time on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We will identify areas where you can make quick fixes and improve conversion before the holiday season hits. We will focus particularly on how people engage on your Magento site with promo codes and discount messages and will make recommendations to improve conversion using holiday messaging.

Monitor business analytics weekly

By keeping tabs on your site’s business performance, we will be your eyes on the ground to make sure that there are no hiccups for visitors trying to transact on your site. We will compare metrics to those from previous weeks, and will look for positive and negative trends.

Monthly deep dive into site performance

At the end of each month, we will walk you through the trends we see in your site’s monthly data. We will look at the sources that drove traffic, whether there was a change in the mix of traffic coming to the site, how traffic engaged on the site, and the rate at which the visitors converted into customers on the site. This will help you reflect on the effect of your team’s work on site performance and will help you decide priorities for the following month.

3 Recommendations per month to improve site KPIs

After reviewing your monthly data, we will provide you with 3 recommendations to improve performance of your site. These recommendations will range from marketing changes to product updates to checkout funnel optimization.

We understand how difficult it can be to wear multiple hats as a business leader. We are here to make your work a bit easier! And that’s why we have loaded this entry level package with services that will take your Magento site’s performance to the next level. Ready? Let’s get started!

About Bay Leaf Digital:

Bay Leaf Digital started in March 2013 with the goal of leveraging big business learning to benefit medium sized organizations. After working in digital marketing at major brands such as Travelocity, CitiFinancial, and Sheplers, the Bayleaf Team developed a passion for digital data analytics. Their expertise is in converting performance insights into actionable plans that help businesses improve their bottom line.

Areas of focus:

  • Web Analytics Consulting
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Automation