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Simplified Hosting

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No Contract

Don’t get locked into a long term contract. All of our packages are month to month.

Scale Needs

Scale your solution up or down in a matter of minutes and don’t overpay for resources you don’t need.

Free Migration

Migrate your application to Fortress hosting quickly and at no charge to you.

Two Tier Support

Access to both standard and emergency support tiers for critical incidents.

Unlimited Sites

Host as many websites as your setup will allow at no extra cost.


Solutions are tailored to your specific needs instead of offering cookie-cutter approaches.


$52 /mo
4 GB
32 GB
$95 /mo
8 GB
64 GB
$208 /mo
16 GB
128 GB
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Tailored Solutions

Ditch the cookie-cutter hosting solutions for one that is built specifically for your requirements. Our engineers not only know servers, but they understand your applications as well. We bridge the gap between server admins and application specialists. Whether you’re running a full fledged platform like Magento or Wordpress, or you’re running a custom application built on top of frameworks like Symfony or Laravel, we’ve got you covered.

Security First

Running any internet-facing application, especially eCommerce ones, opens you up to threats on a daily basis. Every single Fortress implementation was designed with security at the forefront. We keep your stack updated, implement strict firewall rules, and keep your attack vector as small as possible to help mitigate all threats. Each package has the option to be bundled with Sucuri Web Application Firewall, for additional threat detection and blocking.

Peak Performance

Security may be our highest priority, but performance is a close second. Each package comes with SSD servers, and we can scale to meet all the most demanding performance needs. Monitoring software ensures that your provisioned resources never fall below your actual resource needs. Our engineers are well versed in optimization at the web server, database server, and application level. All hosting packages come with NewRelic on as-needed basis to help you diagnose performance bottlenecks.


SSD Storage

All servers used SSD based storage for optimal performance.

Your Resources

Your resources are dedicated to your solution and are not shared.

Your Network

Your servers run in their own, secure, virtual private network.


We monitor your resources 24/7 to ensure your applications run smoothly.

Daily Backups

Daily backups of your data for disaster recovery and peace of mind.


We take your applications as seriously as you do, just contact support.

Magento Hosting

Optimized Magento 1 and Magento 2 hosting & deployments.

WordPress Hosting

Optimized WordPress hosting & deployments.

Oro Hosting

Optimized OroCRM & OroCommerce hosting and deployments.

Sucuri WAF

Web application firewall blocks threats before they hit your site.

Sucuri CDN

Content distribution network to help speed up static asset loading.

SendGrid Mail

Utilize SendGrid for optimal mail delivery to your users.

NewRelic APM

APM on an as-needed basis to diagnose performance issues.

Nginx Web

Our servers are powered by Nginx, for maximum web server capacity.

PHP Hosting

Optimal PHP-FPM configuration and monitoring.

PHP Opcache

PHP Opcache to help boost PHP interpreter performance.

NodeJS Hosting

Run NodeJS applications in a top-tier production stack.

Elixir Hosting

Benefit from Elixir's magic with managed hosting and deployment.

Load Balancing

Traffic too much for 1 server? We can load balance your application.


We know MySQL, and will make sure your database runs efficiently.


Build applications on top of PostgreSQL, quickly becoming a DB favorite.


No tables? No problem. We support MongoDB for your NoSQL needs.

Redis Cache

Redis in-memory cache for peak cache and session performance.

Varnish Cache

Utilize Varnish full page caching for blazing fast page loads.