Razoyo's Magento Certified Developers

Razoyo's Magento Certified Developers

Why Razoyo Employs Magento Certified Developers

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, "why do our developers need to be certified by Magento?" How good of an indicator of the talent level is the Magento certification?

The reason this question is so poignant is that we have worked on a number of sites that had been managed or built by certified developers prior to our engagement, and they were a mess! The Magento certification only indicates that a developer knows his way around Magento's mechanisms enough to pass a test on them. It is not an indication of either development talent or creativity, nor is it based on some sort of quality control of the developer's actual work product. It is only a measure of knowledge. It simply means that the developer knows enough about Magento to pass the test and cares enough about their reputation to take the test.

At Razoyo, until a developer passes their Magento Certification, they are considered a Junior or Assistant Developer and is not qualified to approve code for production sites. It tells us that they know enough about Magento to get started. However, it is anything but an endpoint. For development to be done correctly, a developer must also follow good development patterns, use best practices for commenting and documentation, respect our version control protocols, and make sure their code is always 'peer-reviewed' and user-tested. There's much more to it than that, but, it shows that certification is part of a larger development process.

Our developers are passionate about Magento and eCommerce. We recruit specifically for these qualities. In fact, we prefer to train passionate, talented developers in the Razoyo way and Magento development rather than try to break the bad habits of an already certified developer. If you are a developer in the Dallas, Texas area and are considering joining our team, please send your resume to hr@razoyo.com.