Magento Technical Site Review

Magento Technical Site Review

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Everyone that contacts Razoyo has 'a guy' that set up or works on their store. When their 'guy' can't handle it, or they think he has messed up their store, they call Razoyo for help to unravel the mess. As always, at Razoyo, only our in-house Magento Certified Developers will implement changes to your code.

The Technical Diagnostic Review is intended to identify issues and paths to solutions for typical problems with Magento stores like:

  • Slow response time
  • Intermittent issues
  • Import/export problems
  • Layouts and display inconsistencies
  • Extensions not performing properly

Note: This service is not intended to resurrect a crashed site. See our service if your site is down or up and down.

In your diagnostic, we will take a look at the following

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Server Set Up

Optimizing your server set up for Magento is critical to site performance. Unfortunately, not all 'guys' know how to do that. If you are on a self-serve, consumer-grade hosting platform with a one-button Magento install, chances are this is one of your problems.
No matter what host you are on, we'll look at your setup. If the host is part of the problem, or the way Magento is installed on your host is the issue, we'll let you know what it will take to fix it.
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Magento Version

Some versions of Magento are more stable than others. We'll make sure you are on one that will meet your needs or give you a quote for an upgrade.
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If your troubles started shortly after installing an extension and you have multiple extensions installed, they may be fighting for resources. We'll see if you have one or more extensions that are causing you problems.
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Core Code Modifications

When developing for Magento, you should never modify the core code, even though it is possible, even easy, to do. We'll take a look at your site and see if you have core modifications. If your core code has been modified, sooner or later your site will probably crash.

The entire process usually takes 3-5 business days and proceeds as follows:

  1. Purchase this product filling in the information requested below.
  2. We will schedule a 30-minute introductory call to discuss the key symptoms and issues you want to address.
  3. We will send you a list of credentials required. Yes, we will need full access to servers, your Magento Store Admin, and external services you are using. You may provide the information to us via LastPass for increased security.
  4. We will schedule another 30-minute meeting to review our findings and email you a report.

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