Razoyo Supporting Teams

Our first job is to understand our clients’ needs and to help define the role we will play in getting the work done. Whether our role will be broad or narrowly-defined, we are committed to adapting to your needs. We’ve frequently worked on multiple accounts with clients’ third-party service providers (vendors), and we’ve also worked with them exclusively on a single account. Sometimes a client will bring in more than one development firm to work on a project, each focusing on its own specialties, and we’ve been successful working in that kind of team environment, too.

As your project gets started, our business analysts will be your main point of contact, and they will make sure that we communicate effectively throughout the project by keeping in touch with everyone on your in-house team.

In a collaborative coding environment version control is a must, and that’s why we adapt our system to our your providers’ skills and needs. We’re frequently asked to act as the Quality Assurance lead and approve merge requests (such as when someone asks to include their code modifications in the main branch), but we’re also comfortable with the client designating an in-house approver.

So, as your company grows and your business model shifts, keeping all the balls in the air can be a challenge. And then there’s always that nagging worry that you’re not using the best services for your needs. Something that worked perfectly last year may be outdated now. And worse, maybe your competitors are using newer and better services, helping to draw away your customers.

That’s why excellence in integrations is such a high priority at Razoyo. We’ve handled hundreds of custom integrations involving everything from ERP systems to fraud prevention to analytics. We’ve built customized workflows and minimalist middleware to tie Oro Commerce, Sage, and Logic Broker services together in a cohesive unit.

Custom system integrations Razoyo has created:

  • Magento 1 and Magento 2 to custom ERP systems
  • Magento to custom fulfillment systems
  • Magento / OroCommerce to SAGE
  • Logic Broker to Magento
  • Logic Broker to OroCommerce
  • Logic Broker to SAGE
  • Custom integration from Magento and OroCommerce to supplier order systems
  • Custom Google Shopping Feeds
  • Customizations of Magento to DataFeedWatch integrations
  • Customizations of Magento to ShipperHQ
  • Lexus/Nexus to Magento
  • Microsoft Dynamics to Magento
  • Algolia to Magento


When we take on a new project, we understand that we’re joining a team that may include:

  • Merchandisers
  • Designers
  • System engineers
  • Software providers
  • Bankers
  • Marketers
  • SEO practitioners
  • 3rd Party Logistics providers (3PLs)
  • Accountants

And more.

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Information Security

Protecting your information is also critical, so we give team members only the level of visibility that you want when it comes to project management systems, version control systems, code repositories, documentation, and other assets.