New to eCommerce

New to eCommerce

Getting Started Selling Online

While you may have experience selling on eBay or Amazon or other marketplaces, putting out your own shingle requires a new set of skills and will increase the level of complexity of running your business.

In addition to a supplier and the ability to ship a product, you will need a plan for...

Getting Customers

Marketplaces do the marketing for you, which is how they earn their keep. Getting customers to your unique web store is an art on its own. Developing and implementing the right marketing plan can take a lot of effort. You should make sure you understand how Magento helps you market your products and build on that base.

Keeping Customers

Engaging with customers can take a lot of time, but, on average, it takes less effort to keep a customer than to acquire a new one. Turning browsers into buyers, and buyers into repeat purchasers, requires stellar follow-through. The way you set up your web store can have an enormous impact on repeat business.

Reliable Shipping

What is your strategy to make sure that when an order is placed it is shipped the same day? Your customers can’t wait to get their products and so many companies offering expedited shipping have raised the bar. Configuring your store to help make this easier for you can be a key to customer retention.

Getting Paid

Don’t get us wrong, PayPal and Amazon checkout are great ways to collect money, but, with your own store, you’ll want to take credit cards directly while keeping losses from credit card fraud to a minimum. Make sure you take your store's integrated partners into consideration when you are making your business plan.


You know you could make a lot more money if you just had the inventory you need for the holiday season. Getting financing for an online business can be frustrating. There are companies that work with online merchants to get the financing they need.
In short, make sure you have a business plan before you run headlong into your new endeavor.