New To Magento

New To Magento

Magento can be your best friend, but, if abused or neglected, can turn on you. Down boy!

We recommend Magento not only for the rich set of features, but, for the ecosystem of support surrounding it. Let’s face it, the number of developers creating great new features for Magento dwarfs other eCommerce platforms. That’s quite an achievement considering it’s only been around since 2007!

It’s not the easiest platform to learn, but it's far from the most difficult. It was built on the idea that the day-to-day user may have limited technical skills. And, all eCommerce platforms have learning curves. Believe us, we've seen a lot of curves! While you may be able to get up and running on other systems with fewer mouse clicks, you tend to hit a wall more quickly on those systems. Magento, in our opinion, is the system that has the best balance between flexibility and ease of use.

Magento Community Edition
If you have some tech savvy about you and are new to eCommerce, Community can be a great choice. The software is free to download and packed with hot eCommerce features. However, you still have to host it somewhere, so there is a cost for that, and, you may need to purchase some extensions to get it to do what you want. If you are familiar with maintaining and managing servers and PHP applications, then this can be a great option for you.
Magento Enterprise Edition
The Enterprise Edition of Magento is a full-bodied, heavily tested eCommerce solution. The cost to manage an eCommerce site on this edition can be higher than the others, but, if you require a lot of functionality, can save you money as well. With no limits on catalog size, number of unique sites, and so forth, the sky’s the limit!
Magento Professional Edition
This variation of Magento is no longer supported. If you are on it, please call us as soon as possible so that we can move you to another version of Magento before something really goes wrong!

For a more nuanced comparison of Community and Enterprise, read the Magento Feature Guide.