Ecommerce Web Analytics

Ecommerce Web Analytics

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  1. Google Analytics Consulting for Magento

    Expert eCommerce web analytics team will:

    • Monitor business analytics weekly
    • Weekly consultation to share latest changes in marketing, operations, and website
    • Weekly consultation to advise on implementing recommended improvements
    • Monthly deep dive into site performance
    • Provide 3 recommendations to improve site performance (focus on improving site KPIs such as conversion, revenue per transaction etc)
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  2. Advanced Google Analytics Consulting for Magento


    • Analytics insights package
    • Plus, add your choice of:
      • Conversion Rate Optimization (Design, QA, and measure 3 AB tests to improve conversion - implementation to be done by Razoyo) OR
      • SEO Analytics (deep dive into SEO performance to provide direction on SEO - SEO changes done by Razoyo) OR
      • Marketing Analytics (deep dive into PPC, display performance to improve budget efficiency - landing page improvements done by Razoyo)
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