Magento Training

Magento Training

Magento is an incredibly powerful platform, but, there is a lot to learn! Let Razoyo accelerate your learning curve by providing you with personalized, screen-share training sessions for Magento Community or Enterprise.

Scores of merchants have received personalized training from Razoyo on managing their online stores because it helps them decrease their reliance on outside experts. They are better able to handle issues with their stores, solve problems, develop work-arounds, run promotions, adapt the store to their business, and personalize it for an improved, more branded customer experience.

Each training session is run by a Razoyo expert with thousands of hours of Magento training and experience in working on all Magento platforms. You may invite up to 12 attendees from your organization or partners (designers, suppliers, etc.) to participate with you.

  1. Store Management Overview
    • Capabilities Tour
    • Core Magento Concepts
    • Important Configuration Settings
    • Payment Systems
    • Setting Up Shipping
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  2. Optimizing Your Product Catalog
    • Product Types - When to Use Them
    • Attributes and Consequences
    • Attribute Sets
    • Managing Categories
    • Handling and Configuring Inventory
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  3. Basics of Magento Design - CMS & Themes
    • Magento Design Concepts
    • Theming and Personalizing without Coding
    • CMS Pages and Blocks
    • Adding Widgets (and when not to)
    • Getting Started with CSS
    • Pros and Cons of jQuery in Magento
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  4. HTML Basics for Magento Merchants
    • Key HTML tags and techniques
    • What does and doesn't work in Magento
    • What is CSS and how to use it
    • Resources for self-study
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  5. Pricing & Promotions
    • Basics of Pricing Rules: Catalog & Shopping Cart
    • Using and Managing Coupons
    • Upselling with Tiered Pricing
    • Offering Special Pricing to Special Customers
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  6. General Q&A Session
    This session is designed around your specific needs. We ask you to submit a list of items that you want to know more about beforehand so that we can match you up with the appropriate Magento expert. Learn More

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