Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Service

Refunds are not given on any service that has been purchased on this site and completed by Razoyo. Projects either not started or not completed may be halted and refunded at the client's request and a refund offered based on the portion of the service completed.

Quoted development timeframes assume the client dedicates sufficient resources to respond to emails and spend the time necessary to clarify business processes sufficiently for developers to design a software process and interface without excessive revision.

Any code is the client’s to use, but not to resell. Razoyo retains the rights to all code created but grants an indefinite license for the use of such code to the client.

Browser compliance.

All work performed will be tested on the latest 3 versions of Microsoft's Browser, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Requirements for compatibility with additional browsers or future releases may incur additional cost. Best efforts will be made to ensure compatibility with iOS and Android devices.

Testing and deployment.

Razoyo is responsible to make its best effort to ensure the web site functions properly and is compliant to the clients’ specifications. If an error is detected, Razoyo will make reasonable commercial efforts to rectify the error. However, Razoyo’s responsibility for damages to the client’s business are limited to the amount paid for development.


Unless otherwise stated, design work includes updating layouts and adjusting style sheets which dictate color, font and hover states. This implies that Razoyo does NOT provide artwork, photography or text, but works from elements provided from the client. Illustration, photography, video production, writing or other content creation activities may be provided at additional cost, but are not included in the proposal unless specifically stated otherwise.

Digital assets and intellectual property.

Because Razoyo works with elements provided by the client, the client is responsible for assuring all images, video, text and other content they provide respects the applicable intellectual property laws.


Changes to the specification after project commencement may lengthen the time it takes to complete all of the work.

Warranty and Indemnification.

While Razoyo strives to develop unique code or use code that is available without specific license (or whose license has been obtained), Razoyo does not guarantee its code will not be perceived to infringe on the IP rights of another company. Razoyo is not responsible for defending or funding the defense of the client from IP infringement claims. If an infringement case upheld by a court concludes that Razoyo’s code in use by the client infringes upon another party’s intellectual rights, Razoyo will make commercially reasonable efforts to either re-write the software or implement a licensed replacement code set. In the case of 3rd party software configured by Razoyo, all warranty and indemnification is the responsibility of the client.

Once project fee is paid in full to Razoyo, any elements of text, graphics, photos, contents, trademarks, or other artwork furnished to Client for inclusion in website are owned by client.

Interfaces and middle-ware.

When Razoyo’s code integrates with other systems, which may update their software in such a way that causes Razoyo’s code to no longer function. If this happens within 90 days of first deployment, Razoyo will adjust the code at no additional charge. Otherwise, the client may either engage Razoyo at its current rate to adjust the code or work with another developer to rectify.

Razoyo’s code is developed to be extensible, i.e., other developers should be able to read the code and update it, however, documentation and support are not implied. Software modules developed by Razoyo, unless specifically stated otherwise, will not be encrypted or protected from viewing or modification by other developers.

If the client abandons the project before completion and the service has not been fully pre-paid, the client will be responsible to pay any outstanding amount based on the percentage of project completion as determined by Razoyo within 30 days.


Any disputes will be settled according to the laws of the great state of Texas. Any court action will take place in Denton County, Texas.