Monster Plus Quick Build Package

Monster Plus Quick Build Package

Putting together a new web store goes a lot faster when you have a partner that has done it before and can help you make decisions to optimize your store's performance. Whether you are starting from scratch or migrating from another platform, Razoyo's Certified Magento Developers can get your high-performance store up and running quickly and effectively with the features you need.

The Monster Plus Package

You'll probably feel like you got a lot more customization than you anticipated from the Monster Plus package. Our project manager will work with you hand-in-hand all the way through, including the follow-through. After carefully defining your requirements we put our developers to work creating a unique and positive user experience for your customers.

We train you early in the process on Magento and any extensions or themes we are using during the build so that you can make informed decisions about your site.

As we implement features and throughout the process, we give you access to a private copy of your evolving site. There you will try out features, experiment with extensions, give feedback, and generally familiarize yourself with the site so that you are ready to work with it from the very start.

Key Features

Before signing on the dotted line, Razoyo will provide a full scope of work containing the features and requirements included in the build based on your needs.

Standard Key Features

  • Multi-channel management (eBay +) with M2E
  • Dimensional shipping & shipping rule overrides
  • Upgraded Magento Import/Export via uRapidFlow
  • Incorporated WordPress Blog
  • Reviews via YotPo
  • Data Feed for Comparative Shopping Engines (including Google Shopping)
  • Product data training and implementation support
  • Upgraded search with Sphinx
Allocation of Hours

Razoyo will dedicate up to 145 person-hours to your project. This table describes the general breakout of hours in a typical Monster Plus build. Allocations may be adjusted for your specific project requirements.

Project Process

Expected time allocation

Discovery and specification 20 hours
Data Design (catalog) 10 hours
User Experience and Artwork 35 hours
User Training 6 hours
Configuration and setup 35 hours
Testing and adjusting 15 hours
Feature Development 10 hours
SEO & Other 14 hours
Included Extensions

The cost of acquiring and installing these extensions is included in the price. It is possible to switch out these extensions for others, but, these are the ones we find make the biggest difference for merchants.

  • M2E - Magento to Ebay, Amazon and others. Manage your listings, orders and customer service on multiple marketplaces from your Magento dashboard
  • Matrix Rate Premium - Customize your shipping rates based on any combination of price, quantity and weight rules.
  • Dimensional Shipping - Get more accurate, more competitive shipping quotes, especially for bulky items and/or overnight or other expedited shipping methods.
  • Shipping Overrides - Set special shipping charges for certain products, surcharge your live shipping rates, or restrict shipping options based on destination, weight, product, cart subtotal or customer group.
  • uRapidFlow® Standard - A much better way to import and export product data.
  • Fishpig - Use the power of WordPress for maximizing the SEO impact and user experience of your blog and to keep it on the same domain as your online store.
  • YotPo - Reviews and customer content marketing. On the Full Monster package, Razoyo includes some special features we have developed to increase the SEO benefit of YotPo.
  • DataFeedWatch - Whether you are managing your product feeds to Google or other shopping search engines or comparison shopping sites, or whether your agency is doing it, we highly recommend using DataFeedWatch. Installing the extension and basic setup is included. In the Full Monster package, we help you set up the feed for 3 destinations.
  • Sphinx Search Ultimate - Razoyo installs the extension and sets up your Sphinx Database server as part of the build, along with styling the drop-downs. Note: depending on your requirements, Razoyo may implement its own custom Sphinx Search module. Either way, it is included.
  • ShipWorks or ShipStation - Most of our clients use one of these two shipping solutions. We will install the extension and help you configure it for your needs. We also support installation of FishBowl, StoneEdge and a variety of other shipping solutions that have Magento Extensions.
  • Email Campaign Management - Whether you use MailChimp, Constant Contact, Bronto or another email marketing provider, we will install and configure the extension for you.