Razoyo Empowers Brands and Merchants

Razoyo is an ecommerce consultancy and Magento Certified Developer serving the needs of small and medium-sized web stores. We help online merchants to create, manage, maintain and update their stores, and to solve both business and technology problems.

We accomplish this through technology services performed, application training, and consultation.

Magento Certified

We really know Magento Community Edition and Enterprise inside and out. Not only have we contributed to the code base, but, our work on hundreds of web stores has given us the experience we need in facing even the toughest challenges.

Oro Commerce B2B Partners

As more and more business to business companies move their catalogs and sales experience online, we have moved to offer more tools to them. For many Small and Medium-Sized Business (SMBs), we feel that Oro Commerce offers a better solution with its fully-integrated customer relationship management software (CRM).

What is an SMB?

While there are many definitions, it is more of a spiritual definition for us than an actual company size. For Razoyo, it refers to small, innovative and agile merchant teams.

Experienced US-Based Development Staff

Our experienced Magento Certified Developers are not only domestic, but they work together in the same room every day. We are active in all aspects of the Magento ecosystem and have been called upon to teach new development techniques for Magento 2 to other developers.

Right-Sized Service

Razoyo embraces the idea that each merchant is unique. Some have in-house technical staff. Some have competent data analysts. Some have a hosting partner. Some just want to hold one company accountable for marking sure everything works.

Razoyo's service for your company is designed around your strengths and needs. Services we don't offer(don't ask us to organize your Adwords account, for example) we partner with carefully chosen experts to provide.

In addition to the agency services already mentioned we offer additional services as needed: Design and UI/UX consultation Managed hosting Performance optimization Catalog data design Data cleansing and manipulation Full stack application and micro-service development

A Brief History of Razoyo

Razoyo began as a small online merchant. We were frustrated with the capabilities of the platforms we used and soon began creating solutions to work around them. When we discovered Magento, we knew it was a match made in heaven. We had complete freedom to modify just about any aspect of the site whether it was on the front-end or in the admin panel.

Many of our innovations caught the attention of other merchants and we soon found ourselves helping other merchants more than working on our own sites. Razoyo found its passion.

Razoyo has been active in the Magento development community since 2012 and, in 2017, became an Oro CRM/Oro Commerce partner as well. Since 2012, we have empowered hundreds of merchants by removing technical barriers so that they can focus on selling online, over the phone, in person, in pop up shops, retail and wherever their dreams take them.