Razoyo On Demand Time

Razoyo On Demand – Put Us On The Clock For You

You need help with your store, but the last thing you need is another monthly subscription fee for support! Some months you need a lot of help and others you only need a little. That’s why Razoyo has made our On Demand Service hours as flexible as you are.

Each time you purchase Razoyo On Demand hours, we set up a timer for you in our system loaded with the amount you have purchased. We’ll keep you abreast of the amount you have used and how much you have left as we work on your system. Our rates are as follows based on resources used for your task:

Resource Hourly Rate
Head Developer $275
Lead Developer $245
Software Architect $200
Senior Developer $160
Developer $135
Junior Developer $105
Business / Developer Intern $75
Sr. Business Analyst / Sr. Project Manager $145
Business Analyst / Project Manager $140
Associate Project Manager $110
Strategic Business Consultation $285
Site Down Emergency Charged at 150% of resource rate

If your requests look like they will take more time than you have purchased, we’ll let you know and you can decide whether to move forward or not.

Once purchased, you have a full year to use your timer before it expires.

For more sophisticated needs, contact us and we’ll quote your project or propose a retainer agreement.


Blocks of $100


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