Become a Zoy

Become a Zoy

Join the Zoys, make a career at Razoyo

We are often on the lookout for new team members and, hopefully, you can be one of them. We like to incorporate a broad diversity of talents into our group, so, I'm not going to give you a cookie cutter job description here. However, we are looking for people for the following roles, though, honestly everyone crosses the boundaries at some point:

Magento Developer

At Razoyo, what we are looking for is passion for coding, creativity, ability to learn quickly and the ability to finish a project. If you apply for this type of position, just attach a resume, tell us something about yourself and send us some examples of code you have written (preferably a link to your GitHub account) and tell us why you are proud of it. We'll probably send you a test to check your skills if we like what we see.

We play in a Magento - PHP - Linux - Nginx - HTML - Javascript space, so, please excuse us if we are not very impressed with your or Windows Server credentials. They are probably useful somewhere, just not here.

Account Manager

Account managers at Razoyo wear a lot of hats. You definitely need to be able to put up with pressure. You need to be able to clarify problems in a way a developer will understand, have a knack for request triage, and be able to chase down clients for information, approvals and clarification.

Other Zoy possibilities

If you have a passion for eCommerce and/or Magento, but don't know where you would fit in, you might as well reach out to us. We have some pretty 'interesting' requirements come up. Maybe you would be perfect for one of those. We manage our own online stores, sell to distributors and even engage in SEO outreach and content development. It's probably worth sending us an email.

Send your resume or background email to

Overall Requirements

  • You must live within commuting distance of The Colony, Texas. Yep, we're in Texas and proud of it. The Colony is a suburb outside of Dallas and, yes, the 'The' is required. If you are planning on moving to the area, it might be worth a shot, but, don't ask if you can commute from another city or state. We need you to be here and available.
  • No drama. Sorry, we love our employees and like to have a diverse group, but, if you don't get along well with others or just feel the urge to call attention to yourself all the time, please apply to one of our competitors! Our service is all about delivering great stores and shopping innovation for our clients. That's how we succeed.
  • Be willing to take part of your compensation as profit share. When our team succeeds, our clients are happy and we all make more money. We pay competitive hourly rates, and offer benefits, but, the real upside is with our profit share bonus program.
  • Pass a background check. I wish we could just trust you, but, we have to do this. We deal with sensitive, Personally Identifiable Information, payments systems and a host of other points of access that require us to hire honest people. We need to make sure you're not the kind of person that would be tempted to abuse their position or your fellow employees in any way.