Custom Application Development For Service Industry

Company Background

This particular company supplies warranties to automotive dealerships and has a portal on their website that is accessible by both customers and dealerships to see the status of their warranty.

Requirements of the Portal

Customers need to access the terms of their warranty, when their next service is due, and other information and communication related to their warranty.

Dealerships need to be able to see how many warranties they have sold, how many customers were due to come in, and see how many additional services were purchased as a result of the warranty.

Administrators of the system need to import monthly data, interpret analytics of dealerships and customer usage of the portal, and address customer service issues or general account maintenance.

Known Issues

The legacy system which was 5 years old, used Codeigniter / PHP and had a number of feature gaps.

  • Outdated appearance of portal.
  • Reduced functionality on mobile devices.
  • Various external data sources require advanced developer assistance every month.
  • Reduced Dealership and Administrator efficiency due to lack of portal features and functionality.
  • Increased customer service calls, and reduced customer satisfaction due to lack of portal features and functionality.


  • Modernize the look and feel of the Portal.
  • Optimize the portal for mobile devices.
  • Automate monthly database updates and analytics.
  • Improve functionality of customer service management for administrators within the portal.
  • Improve customer experience, customer access to warranty information, and ease of use within the portal.


To modernize user experience, Razoyo did the following:

  1. The site was re-built using a MEAN stack (Mongo-Express-Angular-Nodejs) process:
    • (Mongo) The new architecture of all data and document storage improves performance dramatically and accurately interprets and reflects any data imported or input on the front/user end.
    • (Express and Angular) Implementation time was significantly reduced and the use of NPM Modules allowed for greater flexibility during development.
    • (Angular) Razoyo created the front-end framework as a single-page-application, which in turn drastically improved the mobile experience and eliminated page load time.
  2. Implemented User Login Authentication via social media (Google, Facebook) which makes it easier for customers to login.
  3. Created a data structure that organizes and updates imported data, analytics data, and existing customer database information simultaneously, reducing the workload and time Admins and Dealerships spend interpreting data.


Now, the Administrators and Dealerships are able to import new information, create and analyze relevant reports, workplace efficiency has vastly improved, and customers are able to access information about their warranties with ease.

Lastly, administrative tasks no longer require developer intervention, ultimately reducing the client’s time and money spent maintaining the portal.

Even 5 years after Razoyo’s development of this portal, the application has only needed moderate maintenance and upgrades to the MEAN stack components (Nodejs, Mongo).

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