Design Trade Service

High End Furniture Sold Through Designers

  • Client was in contract with developer, but, no progress had been made in 3 months
  • High-end furnishings site whose inventory is sold via interior designers
  • Ground up build (not migrating from another platform)
  • Anyone should be able to browse the catalog. However, purchasers had to be verified as credentialed interior designers for full access
  • Magento Commerce (Enterprise Edition) license had already been obtained

The Situation When Razoyo Got Involved

  • Initial goal was to launch a proof-of-concept site and prove out the business model
  • No customizations had been written
  • Catalog items were uploaded, but data was poorly organized and unusable
  • With 50,000 items in their catalog, the client faced multiple challenges
    • Lack of expertise to organize and load the high volume data
    • Initial developer (pre-Razoyo) lacked data design capabilities
    • Mainly off-shore development team made communication difficult
  • Custom development of subscription system was required and had not been specified

Our Solution / Approach

  • Razoyo’s 100% on-shore development team accelerated progress.
  • Razoyo consulting services architected and implemented custom subscription system leveraging Magento core features to keep costs low.
  • Razoyo’s designer created the look-and-feel and design standards which were approved in less than a month.
  • Razoyo and client worked together to organize and upload catalog data.


  • Site launched in 3 months
  • Client proved out concept, added subscribers and received investor backing
  • Client management team is now in 6th year of relationship with Razoyo, having added many additional new features and products to site
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