Leading Board Sports Marketplace Creation

The Project

  • Ambush Board Co. started as a small, local shop for skate shoes, clothing, skateboard gear, wakeboard gear, snowboard gear, and accessories.
  • After successfully transitioning to an online store, Ambush was in a much more competitive marketplace.
  • Originally, it was a local shop, well-known in its community, but they were overwhelmed with the number of competitors online.
  • Ambush thought carefully about the problem and decided to work with their competitors instead of against them.
  • They needed to find a way to join forces with the best competing brands and shops.

Our Solution / Approach

  • Ambush and Razoyo partnered to create I2HQ, a custom drop-shipping solution that helped Ambush sell products for its competitors.
  • Ambush partnered with certain suppliers and competitors and listed competitor and supplier products on the Ambush site.
  • I2HQ partners uploaded inventory files regularly, to keep product stock accurate on the Ambush site.
  • I2HQ partners picked up order CSV’s from the server on demand, to drop-ship the orders from the Ambush site.
  • I2HQ partners sent shipment information back to I2HQ so Ambush site systems could notify their customers.
  • Each partner had different format requirements, but, Razoyo created a module-based interface that could be customized for new partners and requirements, without reprogramming.
  • I2HQ facilitated file hand-off’s and notified relevant parties when errors occurred.


  • Business metrics met
  • Improved customer experience for shoppers
  • Ambush is already processing enough orders per day through I2HQ to significantly and positively impact business results for all partners
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