Replatforming Roadblocks Kicked to the Curb

Challenge: Marketplace software upgrade glitches slow growth

People who want the best clothes hangers money can buy turn to Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project. The company’s customers expect quality, so when Kirby began experiencing serious glitches as it attempted to migrate its web store to a newer, more state-of-the-art version of Magento, owner Kirby Allison knew he had to act fast. Because Kirby’s original web developer hadn’t always followed Magento development patterns correctly, the code on the company’s site was incompatible with the newer Magento platform and caused a dizzying array of issues with the site’s design. On top of that headache, the Hanger Project web site was running slow and the database containing the company’s catalogue of products was disorganized, creating numerous exceptions as customers browsed, which resulted in a frustrating buying experience that was hampering conversion.

Our Solution / Approach

Catalogue organization and page redesign turn problem to opportunity

Kirby called in Razoyo to tackle the problems, and a battle plan was quickly underway. Razoyo’s team redesigned Kirby’s catalogue, reorganizing the attribute sets so that only pertinent information about each product was displayed. This optimized the filterable search, allowing customers to find the products they wanted in fewer clicks, and significantly reducing the time it took to complete a purchase. The web store’s pages were also redesigned to make them mobile-friendly. Customers visiting the site on their smart phones can now scroll effortlessly down pages, rather than being forced to zoom in, to see product details.


Search engine optimization shoots up, along with customer satisfaction

The results of Razoyo’s efforts were dramatically evident to Kirby’s hard-to-please clientele. Compliments came pouring in about the site’s new user-friendly experience, and there were hard numbers to support the anecdotal evidence of success.

  • Kirby’s sales conversion rate substantially improved
  • Search engine optimization jumped impressively
  • There was a notable improvement in page ranking, with Kirby moving to the first page on dozens of search terms, outranking Amazon on organic results
  • The company maintained its number one ranking on top products throughout the site renovation
  • Kirby claimed the top four Google shopping ad spots, outranking Brooks Brothers

The Razoyo team jumped into a very complex and frustrating situation and not only solved my platform migration issues, they also took our site’s catalogue from a frustrating state of disorganization and made it a sleek, user-friendly tool.

Kirby Allison, Founder and CEO

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