Tastefully Simple Case Study - Join Store

Company Background

Tastefully Simple is a direct sales company that offers crazy delicious food that’s insanely easy to prepare. They have been a Razoyo client for 2 years now and launched their website in September 2020. We recently helped launch their new Join store in March 2021.

Requirements of the New Join Store

  • Creation of a new BigCommerce store and custom shopping cart that would be used by new consultants who are joining the Tastefully Simple team as independent consultants.
  • Design to help new consultants get their businesses up and running in a timely manner.
  • Ability to offer multiple kits, utilize promotions, coupons and offer add-on products.
  • Simplify checkout process
  • Website main URL: join.tastefullysimple.com
  • Eliminate the Big Commerce account login as part of the join workflow
  • Website checkout functions not to be changed or altered.
  • Shopping Cart is not to be displayed in the Join Store.


To update user experience, Razoyo did the following:

  1. Customize and Simplify the existing BigCommerce store and website.
  2. Create a secondary BigCommerce store to cater to those who wanted to become an independent direct seller.
  3. When customers are directed to the link join.tastefullysimple.com, they are given two kit options to choose from.


Now, the Join process has been simplified and it is easy for consultants to join the Tastefully Simple team as independent consultants without any confusion. Customers of Tastefully Simple no longer face confusion on the ecommerce site when purchasing products.

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