Does your site have Warranty and Indemnification?

February 29, 2012 by Paul Byrne

Business Environment

Before signing up with an online provider of eCommerce software, or downloading and deploying your own, you will want to understand whether or not the system offers warranty and indemnification. In the case of the Magento family of products: Community, Go, Enterprise, Pro, only the last 3 offer indemnification.


Why is this important? Because of Patent Trolls. ┬áIt refers to companies that abuse patent law to squeeze money out of businesses like yours. The process of defending yourself can be extremely expensive and can kill a business, which some Trolls will do just to prove their power. Here’s a Patent Troll story.

Using a licensed platform shields you from their attacks, at least as far as you web store’s software is concerned!

If you are using, or, thinking about using the following platforms, you might want to make sure you are protected.

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