The Smart Phone Revolution

July 30, 2012 by Paul Byrne

eCommerce Technology

For several years now, we have been a little reluctant to encourage small and medium sized web-store operators and online sellers to invest in mobile technology. Sure, there are some quick, easy, and inexpensive solutions to make your web-store ‘mobile-friendly’ like Duda Mobile. However, they only really break down the mobile barriers somewhat. They don’t take full advantage of mobile technology to enhance the relationship with prospects and customers. The reason we’re going to start looking into more solutions for our merchant clients is well stated in the main points of the Edelmann Article on Smart Phones:

Nearly One-Third of Smartphone Owners Purchased Their First Smartphone in the Last 12 Months & Half of [US] Cell Phone Owners Have a Smartphone

The trend is now an avalanche… I don’t think people with stop shopping at their computers (it’s still a great experience), but, many net users will probably only have a smart phone to work with. We need to figure out a better way to take advantage of this audience.

Half of Smartphone Owners Use Voice Commands on Their Phone

SIRI on the iPhone has been a game-changer for me, and, the similar Android apps are as good (some say better). How do merchants take advantage of this functionality that consumers are increasingly using?

Smartphone Owners are Heavy YouTube Users

We’ve seen proof over and over again that well-crafted (if cheaply-produced) video can increase conversion rates dramatically. Everyone needs more video!

Smartphone Owners have their phone with them 60% of the time

Why is this important? Because they are NOT next to their computer 60% of the time. They also have their phone with them when they are shopping in your competitor’s big box retail store.

Here’s more helpful detail! The Smartphone Consumer 2012 from Edison Research

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