3 Split Tests That Have The Biggest Impact On Conversions

March 12, 2013 by Paul Byrne

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This is a guest post by Jana Fung, Marketing Manager at MixRank.

A low conversion rate is a result of a poorly optimized landing page. Unless your conversions are at 100%, you can and should optimize your landing page for more conversions. How to do this?  With a few simple split tests, you can see your conversion rate significantly increase.  As an online marketer, I’ve tested a wide range of variables, but have found that these top 3 split tests are the easiest to implement and typically have the biggest impact on your conversions.

Headline:  As the largest text on the page, I guarantee that your visitors are seeing the headline of your page.  Given its prominence and visibility, consider varying up the headline to see how each one performs. Changing a product description, like using the word pumps versus heels, or identifying the brand name in the headline over a product benefit are just a few examples of how to diversify your headline.

Call To Action:  The wording, size, color and location of your call-to-action are all factors that you can test. However, to focus on the most important variables, you should be testing the size and location of the button.  Are your visitors failing to convert because the call-to-action is too small or hidden in a discreet location on the page? Gain these insights from a simple split test. As for the wording and color of your call to action, the color should match your branding colors yet stand out in a visible way, while the call to action should be clear, direct and describe the action that will take place if clicked.

Amount of Text:  Since products, landing pages, and conversions all differ, there’s no standard amount of text to have. Really, it all depends on the goal of your landing page. That’s why it’s better to test any theories on this than assume. If you’ve already built out lengthy product descriptions or have a text-heavy landing page, try shortening the text to see if conversions increase. Thankfully, this takes little to no time on your part, as you can just cut out excess text.  Depending on the results, you can cut the text even further or build out more text to highlight additional details of the product, promotion, or service down the road.

Based on how your A/B tests perform, tweak your landing page and watch your conversion rate skyrocket. Also, to see what landing page tests your competitors are running, try MixRank.com. In addition, you’ll uncover your industry’s top performing landing pages using the service.

About the Author

Jana Fung, guest author of this post, is the Marketing Manager of [MixRank](“https://www.mixrank.com”). She has managed successful demand generation programs for over 5 years. She is optimistic about the growth of online advertising and has a passion for helping online marketers with their campaigns. If you’re a MixRank fan or just want to say hi, she’s interested in connecting with you! Follow her on Twitter @jana_fung

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