Razoyo's First Magento Certified Developer

June 17, 2013 by Paul Byrne

Magento Certified Developer

Almost embarassingly, Razoyo has been contributing to the Magento community for almost 2 years, yet did not have a Magento certified developer in house. In fact, we have been a Magento Go Pro partner since the beginning of that program and have helped hundreds of merchants with their Magento Go, Community Edition and Enterprise Edition stores. We were so busy developing code and implementing projects on behalf of Merchants that time simply slipped by. Well, no more! Razoyo now joins the ranks of other Systems Integrators and Developers that employ certified developers.

We’re proud to annouce our new Magento Certified Developer, Wiliam Byrne, who not only passed the certification exam, but blew it away!

William has been working with Razoyo and developing for Magento for the past two years. He has been the technical lead on a number of projects including:

  • Creating a Google Trusted Stores implementation for Magento Go merchants
  • Numerous custom API connections to product feeds and 3rd party logistics firms
  • Custom Magento modules
  • Custom Magento extensions
  • Ground-up builds on both Community and Enterprise
  • Custom scripts for migrating stores and transferring their data from ProStores, Shopify, YahooStores, Homestead and a host of WordPress eCommerce plug ins

Congratulations, William!

Read the press release.

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