Harnessing the Most Applicable and Advanced Digital Marketing Solution Available with Bronto and Magento

March 9, 2016 by Paul Byrne

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In 2016, it is difficult to develop a great digital marketing strategy for an online store. There are many variables to consider when building an e-store and planning a strategy to drive conversion over time. If one piece of the machine is not functioning just right, the entire operation can be adversely affected, culminating with key performance indicators being negatively impacted. When it comes to the email marketing leg of a successful strategy, the marriage of Bronto and Magento can provide a truly brilliant and advanced integration that will form the base of stellar long-term performance.


Bronto is an email marketing platform that empowers its users with an unmatched, data-driven solution. Bronto aims to drive revenue through the use of precise timeliness and relevance to create an engaging customer experience for a long-term marketing strategy.

The bulk of this power comes from Bronto’s extensive automation technology and the out-of-the-package customization. Bronto calls its automation, Workflows, and through it, enables its users to create specific triggers. For example, when someone is added to a list, or when a site visitor requests a certain PDF download, relevant emails are sent to the user automatically. This technique of email marketing is quintessential to create a personable experience for the consumer.


Bronto presents Workflows in such a way that configuration is simple, and only requires intermediate technology skills. A little bit of patience and determination is all one needs to become successful at manipulating Workflows. The most popular and most recommended Workflows that one should tackle in the beginning stages are an Abandoned Cart Workflow, a Post-Purchase Workflow, and a Newsletter Sign-Up Workflow.

Constructing an Abandoned Cart Workflow is a great way to send targeted emails to those who don’t finish checking out. This aids in driving conversion while also allowing for another opportunity to engage the consumer and show the brand’s personality.

The Post-Purchase Workflow should work similarly by sending relevant and timely emails to consumers who have placed an order. The emails can be precisely targeted by sending emails associated with the product they ordered. Such associations can include matching accessories or a replenishment supply email once the appropriate amount of time has passed.

A Newsletter Sign-Up Workflow triggers when a site visitor subscribes to the website’s newsletter, and should send timely, generic-in-nature emails afterwards. To make this workflow relevant to each new subscriber, one could create an advanced workflow. To do this, one could base off of various fields the visitor selected when signing up. For instance, a sports-related website could have the field options, Football, Soccer, and Basketball, when prompting a user to subscribe, thereby triggering the workflow to send curated content and product emails.


Incredible automation functionality is a great advantage to using Bronto, but it is not the only advantage. Bronto also allows easy and enhanced A/B email testing, the ability to segment subscribers and create exclusionary lists, and the option to stop an already released delivery. Furthermore, Bronto allows the use of social media post integration and offers diverse transactional email templates. Plus, Bronto offers all of its users first class customer service. They do this with live chat support and more in-depth, support ticket functionality. Bronto simply offers the best email marketing solution for businesses of all sizes, and with varying budgets.


Magento is the perfect compliment to Bronto’s extensive capabilities, and the best platform to harness all of the power therein.  For starters, Bronto’s extension for Magento imports order data, including historical data. This enables success of email campaigns, as it allows the marketing manager to compare email revenue with overall site revenue. Additional key metrics available through this integration include Revenue Per Order, and Revenue Per Email. With the Bronto/Magento integration, the user can see precisely what they are paying for and what they are making.

Furthermore, the Bronto extension for Magento lets the user use product recommendation in email campaigns. This allows each subscriber to receive personalized content. Other notable features with this formidable integration include the ability for abandoned cart reminders, wish list reminders, support for multiple stores, and manual contact import, as well as automatic contact import who subscribe via your website Newsletter form.

Bronto’s extensive capabilities and user-friendly interface combined with the flexibility and power of a Magento website provides online stores of all sizes the tools they need to succeed in an ever-evolving, data-driven digital landscape. Any Magento website owner should seriously consider using Bronto. Doing so will help them to truly take advantage of the digital marketing power of 2016. This, in turn, will help them realize their online store’s true potential.

Images courtesy of Bronto.com

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