Client Spotlight: VivaTerra, Ethical and Eco-Friendly

March 28, 2016 by Paul Byrne

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Ecommerce is not the only trend that is changing the retail industry and allowing tremendous growth for new retailers. Social trends have also transformed the way people shop and interact with others. VivaTerra is one retailer doing a tremendous job of staying up-to-date with technology while also adapting to these social trends.

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What Today’s Consumers Want

Today’s consumer demands a lot of convenience. They want to order what they want, when they want, how they want, and where they want. Web platforms, such as Magento, can help meet this demand. What about growing consumer demands to adopt ethical and sustainable business practice? It is difficult for technology to be a cure for all of these core values. However, one of our favorite clients, VivaTerra, or “living Earth,” has struck a nice balance between adapting to technology and remaining ethical in business.

How VivaTerra Aligns with Consumer Expectations

Humble Beginnings

Since beginning in 2004, Viva Terra has made efforts not to harm the environment. The founders believed strongly that one did not need to hurt the environment to better their home, and they set out to prove this in the industry.


Ethical Standards

Viva Terra is genuine in their approach to continuously adopt new ethical standards when sourcing product. They set standards for corporate social responsibility (CSR) before it was popular to do so. The California-based company is an advocate of fair trade practice and organizations. In addition, it seeks to empower the artisans creating VivaTerra furniture, home décor, and other goods. This is achieved by both supporting non-profit initiatives that improve the quality of communities around the globe, as well as giving to artisans directly to better their livelihood.

What VivaTerra Does to Meet its Standards for CSR

Additionally, VivaTerra  uses recycled materials to create goods. Plus, it refuses to use chemicals during the production process. This benefits the Earth by preserving resources while also preventing harm from chemicals.

VivaTerra thrives on helping those in dire economic need across the globe. However, it also understands the importance of supporting American workers with living wages. To do this, the company also offers many products that are produced right here in the USA. Another plus of sourcing locally is that it reduces the need for global transportation. In turn, this limits energy consumption and negative impact on climate change.


Final Thoughts

Ultimately, VivaTerra’s approach to business produces appealing, raw, and natural products with beautiful designs influenced by cultures across the globe. Each product stays true to a mission of preserving the planet and helping those in need. The success of VivaTerra and similar brands shows a shift in consumer attitudes. That said, retailers that adopt ethical and sustainable values, while staying aware of changing social patterns, will best be able to match consumer demand in the future. The modern consumer wants to know not only about a retailer’s product and how to buy it, but also about the ways that brands contribute to the betterment of our shared world.

Learn more about VivaTerra and their ethical and eco-friendly values.

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