3 Keys for a Successful eCommerce Internship

April 8, 2016 by Paul Byrne

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3 Keys for a Successful eCommerce Internship

3 Keys to Success in an eCommerce Internship

What makes for a great internship? Is it a hands on experience working with client websites? Is it pizza parties? Is it a very happy-to-be-here office pup greeting you in the morning? How about the flexibility to work on everything from email marketing campaigns to running an online storefront, tracking inventory, or even growing the company’s social media presence? Well, if those are factors that make for a great internship, my internship at Razoyo has most definitely been the bee’s knees.

1. Intern for a company that practices what they preach

Razoyo is a company that not only wants to empower the community of merchants that it serves but also operates as a merchant itself. This allowed for a wide array of tasks that helped me, Devin Lozano, get my feet wet in the ever-changing world of eCommerce. The motto of “Merchants empowering Merchants” is not only said a lot around the office but shown through Razoyo’s work. Our president, Paul Byrne, is not only the head of this company but runs his own storefronts as well. Our sales manager, Jason Boslow, also runs Shop Junior Golf, a kids golf clothing shop. To name a few of my varied tasks, I created wireframes and reviewed the user-experience of clients' shops. Now, I’m ending with a marketing-centric role in creating and socializing content on various platforms.

    2. Get hands on industry experience

One of my favorite projects during my internship at Razoyo was creating a sales campaign and corresponding email campaign for an account that Aaron Crider, a fellow Digital Retail student at UNT & intern here, and I,  created for an account we took over. The account was Little Hussy USA which is the US site for the international brand  Love & Health.  Upon taking over, our campaign was able to generate $1400 in sales. Needless to say, the campaign was a great way to see a real impact of our work. I enjoyed it far more than what school had accustomed me to, which was receiving letter grades for class work. 

3.  Branch out into all aspects of eCommerce

Managing and creating content for multiple social media accounts has helped me gain more experience with social media marketing. Our small marketing team, Aaron Crider, Ethan Harmon, and I, handle the marketing strategy, content creation, and execution on various social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. Creating content on a weekly basis enabled a strong need for research and constant learning. This makes for an environment that cultivates a passion for what you do.

The people, culture, and environment that make up Razoyo is one that is about sharing and cultivating knowledge, experience, and a passion for eCommerce. My time spent here has given me more exposure to the world of eCommerce and the people that make this industry what it is. My internship has added more fuel to my passion for this wonderful industry.

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