5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

October 24, 2016 by Ethan Harmon

Business Environment Design and User Experience
customer experience

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So, you created an aesthetically pleasing, engaging e-store that would make all of your friends and co-workers proud. The site is responsive, all of the products are listed in the correct categories, filters are working, and traffic is holding steady. Everything should be 100% finished, right? Well, not exactly. Site traffic is incredibly important, but to maintain a user-base, you must focus on customer experience. Something as small as a slow page load can turn potential customers away before completing checkout. How do you avoid losing conversions? Take the following tips to heart and put effort into improving customer experience.

Decrease Load Times, Increase Site Performance

For just a moment, think about the last time you were doing a bit of online shopping. What was it like? Did you bounce from site to site? Did some pages load faster than others? Maybe you were browsing on your phone. If so, then were the sites responsive?

Look, your potential customers do not want to wait for pages to load, regardless of how well-built they may be. If it takes longer than a few seconds for a page to load, then interest is most likely going to plummet. Test your site and make sure all of your pages are quick to load. And don’t relegate testing to a desktop, as mobile should be just as sharp.

Make Navigation and Search Seamless

How many clicks does it take for a customer to reach a product page? If the customer needs seven clicks to get to their desired pair of shoes, then there is a problem. A high number of clicks could potentially frustrate your visitors, and frustration does not breed brand loyalty. Ensure that the site is easy to use and does not lead to any confusion.Invest in a functional search feature. Functional does not imply that it simply works. It should work phenomenally, producing desired results in quick fashion. Visitors should be able to type in a product and get immediate, accurate results.

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Ensure Proper Support for Customers

Did you know that 72% of customers would rather have their questions answered by your website, instead of calling a support number or sending an email? It’s true, which means it’s time to clean up your FAQ page. Ensure that all information stored on this page is clear and concise. The goal should be to inform your site visitors, while decreasing the amount of tickets coming through your support channels.

Exceed Expectations with Checkout, Returns, and Shipping

Sounds pretty obvious, huh? This is simple, yet imperative. Doing this correctly will maximize conversions during the busy days of the holiday season. Provide multiple checkout methods (PayPal, credit, etc.) and shipping methods (overnight, second day, etc.). Throw in a free shipping method for carts with X amount in product.

Provide a simple return process for your customers. Everyone has experienced a terrible return process in the past, so avoid being that next terrible moment. Talk with your team and create an easy, direct method for visitors.

Collect Customer Reviews

It’s been tested and proven that customers see reviews as an essential tool when making purchases. A majority of site visitors will be looking to reviews for guidance as they browse and make selections. Allow shoppers to add ratings/reviews to products. By generating a collection of product reviews, your brand can gain trust, while conversations continue to grow.

Wrapping Up…

Utilize these tips to create a greater customer experience on your e-store. A fluid, engaging customer experience leads to happy customers, which leads to brand loyalty and conversions. Don’t waste another second! Get with your team and begin planning improvements. The results will speak for themselves.

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