Best Ways to Utilize Razoyo's Magento Services

January 23, 2017 by Ethan Harmon

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We at Razoyo take pride in our work. We pour a lot of time and energy into building, crafting, and maintaining Magento sites for clients, so we look at our efforts with a sense of accomplishment. Our ultimate goal is to build the best possible Magento site for our clients, so they can grow their business. However, once a business begins to expand, changes come with the territory. This is where we come into play again. Any additions or modifications needed can be handled by our team, ensuring the process is a success.

Now, why bring this up? This is not a sales pitch or a moment to flaunt our accomplishments. It’s to provide context to the process, as it is a simple one: build site, help when needed, add extensions, etc. We bring this up, because we want our current and future clients to have a better understanding of our services and how to use them. We don’t want to clog the pipes when it comes to site creation/maintenance, and stepping on each other’s toes will definitely slow down the process. So, to fully utilize our services and get the most out of your time/money, think about the following:

Have a Clear Idea of What You Have in Mind:

This seems simple, but ideas that may seem easy and manageable can grow into something complex. If you need us to help change products on the site or install an extension, be sure to have a very clear endgame in mind. We will do what you need, but we cannot predict or guess your intentions, unless you convey them to us. This is not a jab at our current or future clients, but more of a tip.

For example, let’s say you have been reading up on the latest shipping extension, and you want to install it on your Magento site. Installing it is easy on our part. However, we will also need to know how you want it to function. Do you want it to apply to certain customer groups? Will discounts apply after a certain price is met? This is the information needed to meet your goals.

Let Us Test and Offer Advice:

When you come to us with a new idea (need extension installed, change images, etc.), give us a chance to think about the idea, how it will fit into your site, and offer some advice. We may not always need to provide a suggestion, as a lot of ideas are fairly straightforward, but some concepts might need a little extra thought.

For example, let’s say you found an extension that provides loyalty points for customers, but you already offer discounts to customers. We would need to look at how/when discounts are applied normally, and how these new points would apply after installation. Maybe the points will give too many discounts. Maybe the two don’t work well together, and one overrides the other. In this case, we would offer suggestions on how to proceed, i.e. turn off the discounts after the extension is on production, or look for a different extension/method to accomplish your goal.

Furthermore, if the new idea works properly and we move forward with pushing it, give us a chance to test. Not every update, change, patch, etc. is going to work 100%. We will need to put all new changes on a staging site and test thoroughly before pushing to your live site. Our team needs to ensure that any bugs or issues can be resolved. Only then, will we proceed with live push.

If You Need Training, Ask for It:

Hey, not everyone is a Magento master. It can be a daunting when initially navigating through it, especially for beginners. So, instead of playing the guessing game, let our team of experts provide you with a training session. If you need to understand product creation, our application specialist will set time aside and walk you through the process. Need to understand how to edit templates or CMS blocks? One of our developers will give you the time you need in order to fully comprehend it.

When asking for training, be specific. The more specific you can be with your needs, the better we can personalize the training experience. We can make the sessions broad and general, but if you need us to go over how a certain extension works, how to change the CSS on a static page, etc., let us know before the session begins. We want to give all clients the ability to independently work on their sites, and with a bit of time with our team, we can ensure this can be a possibility.

Get the Most for Your Money

You’re paying for your site, so get the best. Utilize our team to its fullest, but have an idea of your wants and needs. Prioritize certain tasks, and be specific with your goals. We are available to help and we want you to have the best Magento site possible. Don’t waste your money by guessing and awaiting results. Consult with us, plan, get training, and get your site in working order.

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