Magento Imagine 2017 - Wrap Up and Last Day

April 5, 2017 by Paul Byrne

HUGE Announcements about Magento 2?

So, in the final keynotes, there weren’t any of these, but, there were some updates:

  • Magento showcased Magento Business Intelligence, which is what they renamed RJ Metrics. This is a reporting suite that combines Magento, Google Analytics and other data sources to provide business performance data and dashboards.
  • Magento is also launching a shipping application. They didn’t give any details about it, just that it will improve options for merchants.
  • Finally, they announced an update to the UI based on the Bluefoot acquisition. Bluefoot provides some drag and drop capability for merchants to create new pages. This will be a part of Magento Enterprise Edition.
  • B2B. Nothing new here, just that it will be coming out.

All of the above will be included in the 2.2 release coming out ‘this summer’ with the exception of the Bluefoot tools, which will come out in 2.3. We’re still looking for clarification on exactly which components are going to be available to Community Merchants, though, we know that B2B features will not.

I have to say that what I found VERY heartening was the amount of energy, interest and attention (led by Magento Chief Architect, Alan Kent dedicated to headless Magento. While this technical term is a bit esoteric for merchants, it basically means that merchants will have the ability to customize user experience and apply designs previously not possible.

If the the plucky group gathered around the Headless Design table is any indication of the passion for this new possibility, I believe we’ll see some amazing new things coming from Magento in the near future!

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