The Road to Mage Titans 2017

August 14, 2017 by Ethan Harmon

With roughly a month to go, we are fast approaching the yearly Mage Titans event in Austin, Texas. While the gathering is not as massive as Imagine, it is still an exciting experience full of workshops, speakers, and more. Of course, Razoyo is always excited to take the yearly three-hour trek down to Austin from Dallas, in hopes of expanding our knowledge and meeting fellow Magento enthusiasts. And, for the first time ever, one of our very own will be presenting this year! We are anticipating another great year, and we especially look forward to…

New and Old Faces

When you are part of the Magento community for a few years, you begin to see familiar faces while frequently attending these events. Building these relationships throughout the years is a rewarding experience, so we are always happy to see friends when making convention appearances. Of course, we want to reconnect with these people and share our experiences with the platform.

However, we are also looking forward to meeting new Magento developers at Mage Titans. Networking is important in the eCommerce world, and we are always happy to meet the new people representing their respective companies and business ventures. We encourage anyone attending to come shake a hand and start a conversation with us.

Ready to Learn

Yes, we will be having fun at the event, but we are also eager to learn. When we leave these events, we always want to leave with more knowledge that we had entering. Even if we just figure out a simple trick, we want to show up to work with something to share with the office. Our goal is to expand our understanding of the platform and share this with every Razoyo employee.

Paul is Presenting!

For the first time ever, our President, Paul Byrne, will be one of the speakers at Mage Titans! Paul has been considering donning a speaking role for some time now, but this year, with a little bit of coercion from the team, he has decided to make his debut. Now, we cannot disclose any of the finer points of his presentation, we can tell you the theme is “Mirror, mirror on the wall.” Excited yet?

Another Fun Year

Aside from the more serious points, we ultimately want to enjoy ourselves and the time we spend at Mage Titans. The experience is always something we look forward to, and we hope to have another thrilling adventure during our time at the event.

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