Check Out The Best Magento 2 Extensions

October 19, 2017 by Paul Byrne

Creating the best user experience isn’t solely limited to site design, adding extentions┬áto the site can increase conversions. Although creating an online store isn’t difficult, better ecommerce websites are more advanced. Adding extensions to the Magento backend might seem complicated, but there are guides to aide in the process. Why are extensions important? Because they add to the customer experience, which is crucial in today’s world. We’ve rounded up the best Magento extensions to integrate immediately.

Improving Layered Navigation

If the website contains a large assortment of products, this feature can help customers filter out products. This saves time and frustration, as long as the appropriate filters are added. By narrowing down the products in the selected category, it eliminates pages that the user has to sift through. When they are able to find products quickly, the more likely they are to add more products to cart. Some perks to using this extension include, curated SEO-friendly URLs and customer brand pages. Also, this feature is capable of adding advanced filters and updates as the user selects a filter option.

Mass Product Actions

By enabling this backend feature, it saves time when working with multiple products. Instead of clicking on individual products and making changes on each one, it allows the user to make quick changes in one click. For example, it lets you edit the attribute text by selecting “Replace Text” in the action dropdown menu. Editing pricing is another feature that would be convenient by selecting multiple products at a time.

Easy Checkout

If the site does not already contain a speedy checkout, it could be hurting conversions. Since Amazon has spoiled many consumers with the automatic checkout method, it’s time other e-tailers step up their game. This awesome extension allows that one step checkout for customers. Convenience is key, and why not make the user’s life easier? That is truly providing great customer service. From the backend, this add-on allows multiple payment methods and input fields.

These aren’t the only good Magento extensions, but they’re ranked pretty high in our book. Every website has varying needs and these are the most universal features that can reach many users.

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