Our Guide for Online Black Friday Success

October 26, 2017 by Paul Byrne

1. Take a mobile-first approach

While brick-and-mortar stores struggle to stay afloat, online shopping remains king. However, an ecommerce site is useless without proper execution. This means that there should be complete mobile and desktop functionality. Mobile needs to be the main focus as far as usability goes, and limiting consumer frustration is the goal. Now, consumers do most of their Christmas shopping online, which means pure plays have the upper-hand. People seek convenience and a website that doesn’t cause headaches. To ensure your ecommerce site is up-to-par, APIs and caching are critical components to a mobile-friendly site. Luckily, full page caching is available in Magento 2.

2. Ensure quick check-out process

For shoppers, time is of the essence. By providing a speedy shopping cart experience, consumers will be more likely to re-visit the site in the future. On the e-tailer side, enabling the storing of payment methods can speed up the cart process all together. During the holidays, people get antsy since they have many lists to check off, the last thing they need is a confusing cart experience. The fewer the steps involved, the better.

3. Presenting black Friday deals

Most online shoppers are on the hunt for the best deal. Price comparing between various sites can be good for the e-tailer and consumer. By displaying black Friday deals on every page of the site, it increases SEO and link clicks. Promo codes are a great way to give customers a great deal, without the company having to mark down products. This incentive should be followed by a sense of urgency, letting the customer know when the promotion ends.

4. Send abandoned cart emails

Creating the urgency for the user to make purchases, increases the chances of conversion. This gives the customer multiple chances to see the product and are more likely to purchase the items in their cart. There is an abandoned cart extension offered in Magento, which will send alerts to the customers who are subscribed to the email. Cart abandonment is common across many ecommerce sites, but there are ways to lower the abandonment rate. The checkout process is the most critical element on a website, because it determines conversions. If the site navigation is confusing, customers are more likely to ditch their carts. These factors can be controlled by using a credible Magento extension.

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