Top 10 Things Restaurants Can Do to Survive COVID-19

April 29, 2020 by Emily Heidt

eCommerce Technology

1. Be Flexible and Timely

Understand that just like you, your customers have been shaken by the uncertainty of the world. Accommodate your community by giving your customers multiple options to contact you, as well as keeping a sharp eye on emails, social media messages, and, of course, phone calls!

When you respond quickly, customers know they can count on you to answer their questions and get their food to them.

Mainly, because you never want a delayed response from your team to be the reason someone gets HANGRY.

2. Update Your Website

One of the first orders of business should be updating your website with important information. Don’t be afraid to create a section that tells people how they can order menu items and what to expect during this uncertain time.

What do we mean by this? Make sure your online ordering, delivery, call to order, and menu are easily accessible from the home page. Here’s a great example:


3. Update Your ‘Google My Business’ Info

Don’t forget to change your Google information in addition to your website! Update your hours of business, and be sure to add pictures with important images (menu changes, specials, etc). It’s important to keep this information up-to-date so customers can find this when they search for your business.


4. Update social media platforms

Continue to update platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yelp, NextDoor, and more.

A helpful tip is to pin important informational posts to the top of your page, especially on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.


Don’t forget to frequently remind your audience about your restaurant status, hours, and service offerings through engaging posts.

5. Beef up your Online Ordering App options

Update menu and restaurant information on all applicable online ordering applications, make sure you go the extra mile to add images of menu items.


Good images strengthen your chances of gaining new customers through online ordering platforms like GrubHub, Favor, UberEats, etc. If it looks appealing online, customers will be more likely to try it out in real life! Check out these tips to amp up your food photography game!

6. Ask for Google Reviews

Google reviews help improve your searchability immediately, so spread the word to customers! You can even offer incentives for leaving a positive Google review, like social media shoutouts, or even coupons for customers to use at a later date.

Read more about how Google reviews can help expand your business here.


7. Take advantage of FREE advertising opportunities

Be sure to take advantage of hashtags on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and always encourage customers to tag you in their posts. Join in on hashtags to get noticed! Including your city name in the hashtag, like #SupportDallasRestaurants, may get the right audience looking at your posts.


Another free way to get some promo is going LIVE! Doing a live stream on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram often notifies your followers to come and watch your stream. With all the time people have at home, you might be surprised how many people show up for your content.


8. Offer Merchandise or Other (non-food) items

Allowing customers to purchase gift cards and other non-food items ensures future business and increased brand recognition.

A creative way to get business AND help customers in this time is to offer grocery items, like the folks at Waffle House are doing.


Not to mention Waffle House is also selling some awesome merch to loyal customers who want to rep their favorite breakfast place!


For more help with setting up features like this, check out our handy dandy Small Business Survival Guide.

9. Be the light in this dark time

Here’s a simple and easy way to keep business thriving - Keep it positive! We are all going through this difficult time together, so it is a great time to let your community know that you are there for them during this time.

Thank customers through emails, social media, or even print out Thank You notes for delivery and take-out orders. You may find customers will reciprocate these simple kindnesses through more food orders and referrals to friends & family!

10. Call Razoyo

Lastly, it is crucial to make sure your website is set up for online ordering.

25% of customers turn away because a website doesn’t have enough information or isn’t user friendly. Razoyo can help with that by getting your business online in a short amount of time, so you can get back to helping the community through your business! Our consultations are always free, so give us a call: 469-828-6801

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