Why You Should Consider Optimy to Personalize Your B2B Experience

July 9, 2021 by Paul Byrne

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Visitors to this web site may have noticed a recent addition in the lower-right corner - that little Orange box with the words ‘Live Video Support.’ Most probably pass over it as the ever-present chat icon, but it’s much more than that.

Graphic of Optimy logo and computer screen showing its placement

Craving human contact

With the trend towards shopping online and the acceleration of isolation caused by the pandemic, the desire for human interaction has become more intense. Yet, many people aren’t ready to extend social contact to every stranger.

In case you haven’t been to a website recently, many of them have had a ‘Chat now’ button in the lower right corner for the past couple of years. Unfortunately, fueled by a drive to automation, many offer the unsatisfying experience of the chatbot which feels more like it is controlled by a different form of AI: artificial incompetence.

We have the technology…

Driven by new multi-channel communications APIs like Twilio, connecting you to a person who can actually provide a satisfying interaction is more than possible and Optimy is showing to be a leader with a clear vision in this space.

If you want to know more about Twilio and their new policies, you can head over to a blog article we wrote to determine if it’s right for your site.

Enter, Optimy.ai

Razoyo was fortunate to have the opportunity to begin using this technology early and decided to drop our chat button for a more fulfilling experience, Optimy’s live video connection. Let me just say that the experience is so superior to chat that I believe chat-alone solutions are on their way out.

Stupid Simple Installation

Getting the button to appear on the website was a piece of cake. We dropped in a small snippet of javascript and were ready to go. As a developer it took me about 10 minutes to make the update to our templates and to appear on every page.

Of course, a more nuanced installation may take a schmidge longer but I could easily see you going non-developer if you use Google Tag Manager or have a way to add scripts via a theme manager like in a WordPress or SaaS type site.

Admin panel

Like a chat solution, your agents will log into an admin panel that bleeps at them when someone wants to chat. You can see how many people are in the queue, etc. Honestly, this is not a differentiator but it just works and takes about 10 minutes to get used to.
You can also opt to receive a text message on your phone if someone enters the queue when you’re not at your desk.

Means of communication!

The video chat feature is seamless and works flawlessly on every browser we tried it on (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge).

Let me ask my wife

If you are shopping for grills from the office and the expert has found the perfect grill for your 4th of July weekend, there’s no need to Facetime your wife and try to join her into the conversation. With the “+” button, you can add her to the conversation to get her consent on the $1,000 charge about to hit your credit card. A good husband might even include her earlier and you can pick the right grill together.

Seriously, we know the sales-stopping power of the need to consult someone else. This allows the merchant to get the decision-makers on the same page and address concerns directly. Especially if you need your boss to ensure you’re getting the right piece of equipment for that B2B purchase.

Let’s take this outside

Follow-up conversations over email are a real hassle. With Optimy you can keep it going by having your interlocuteur add their phone number for follow-on chats.

I’m not here but my calendar is

If your customer is shopping at 2am and you just can’t answer the video chat at the moment, give them a time to book an appointment. Rather than just taking a chat message, Optimy directs them to a set of time slots and will add their choice to their calendar and yours, much like Calendly and similar solutions but it takes them to a video chat window. You just need to be logged in to the Admin panel during wakey-wakey time.

New, game-changing features

Optimy has a history of rolling out features quickly that work off the bat. We’re excited about a few:

  • Active outreach. The new admin panel shows you how many people are browsing your site, what page they are on and how many times they have visited in the past 60 days. When a shopper looks like a juicy target, you can send them a request to video chat right now. Early usage statistics show that 5% to 12% accept the offer. Now you don’t have to wait for them to come to you.
  • Just about every chat option in the book. Does your customer prefer Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, iMessage, and so forth? Not a problem, they will be able to add any of these channels and you will be able to chat with them straight out of the Admin panel.

If you read this far and you are interested in learning even more… you can take a look at a quick demo from the Optimy Team.

Razoyo can hook you up

If you would like to look into this further, give us a shout! In fact, click that ‘Live Video Support’ button now and let’s start the conversation. We’ll get you a demo and you will be able to ask questions of the masters themselves from Optimy!

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