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Ecommerce Foreign Battalion for Ukraine

March 7, 2022 by Paul Byrne

Business Environment

Numerically, the people of Ukraine are woefully outmatched by Russia’s military and economic might. In addition to the divisions already in Crimea and other ‘disputed’ areas of Ukraine, Putin has amassed over 200,000 troops and thousands of tanks, missiles and transports on the border with Ukraine.

He has polluted Ukraine’s skies with Russian aircraft and missiles launched from far away. He has a massive war chest, strengthened by his capture of Crimea and other regions where he lays claim to potent energy reserves.

Ukrainians will not be beat

NATO has refused to create a No Fly Zone which could end the war in hours. Countries that should be helping have refused or even supported Russia.

Yet, when I speak to my friends and contacts in Ukraine, it is impossible to doubt their resolve. They will not capitulate to becoming a Putin-run state. Would you?

Those of us who believe in Ukraine and support the Ukrainians can make a difference.

The Ecommerce Foreign Battalion for Ukraine

President Zelensky has formed the International Legion of Defense of Ukraine. I’m advocating we band together as the Ecommerce Foreign Battalion for Ukraine. We have so much to offer!

Ecommerce professionals have assets that can be tapped in favor of Ukraine.

  • Global product sourcing Ecommerce companies are adept at finding products and getting them to customers fast.
  • Alliance building Keeping merchants systems ahead of competitors means we are always looking for the new, disruptive service or technology to plug into. We know how to form multi-company, multi-disciplinary teams quickly and get things done.
  • Agile management The tools of project management like Agile, SCRUM, KanBan, Version Control, and resource planning are effective in rapidly changing business environments. With them we can shift focus as needed without losing effectiveness.
  • Communication systems Between Slack, MS Teams, Google Meet, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media, we know how to get the word out quickly and compartmentalize for security.
  • Contacts in Ukraine If you work in ecommerce you undoubtedly work with someone in Ukraine. Those people are now on the front lines, know what is needed, know how the situation is changing day-to-day, and know how to move things around inside Ukraine.

We saw this and asked ourselves what can we do? Razoyo has joined with volunteers, partner companies and independents to get material to the fighters. Please join us.

As long as Russia is in Ukraine, we will support those that push Putin out.

If your company is working on the same thing, reach out and let’s amplify each other’s efforts.

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