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B2B eCommerce Expertise

Getting your complex enterprise, even for small and medium-sized businesses, is more complex than opening a B2C web store and requires a partner that can do the heavy lifting. Razoyo does the heavy lifting.

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Integrations are Standard Fare

Understanding data flows, identifying the sources of truth and how to sync or share all that data between systems takes planning and a guide. Let us be your sherpa in this process!

Payment: More Than a Purchase Order

B2B payment often occurs after the cart has been checked out. Ensuring orders are properly invoiced and adjusted requires thoughtful integration. Let us help you think it through.


B2B shipping is often charged after the fact and sometimes to the customer’s LTL or UPS/Fedex account. What was ordered isn’t necessarily what was shipped, and what was shipped may come from one of many warehouses (yours or vendors) on varying days. Let us keep your customers abreast of shipping information and save you calls to customer service.

Enhancing, Not Replacing Sales Professionals

Salespeople cringe when you start allowing customers to order without going through them. A good B2B system enhances their value rather than replacing it. Let us create the tools that get them excited about the transition.

Stand On a Solid Platform

Razoyo has chosen to work with the best: Oro Commerce, Magento Commerce and Big Commerce. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Let us help you make sure you build on the right one.

Per Google, “half of all B2B buyers are Millenials.” They are not only familiar with ordering online, they PREFER it. Within 3 years there will be more than twice as much online volume in B2B as B2C. Whether you like it or not, your business-to-business sales are moving online.

Will you capture them or will your competitors?

Mid Atlantic Packaging’s complex shipping rules were calculated by a 3rd party service, often after the fact, on their old system. We connected their Magento store via API to their 3rd Party Logistics provider for improved real time quoting – including LTL rates.

A supplier to automobile dealerships needed a better workflow to manage orders. Integrating LogicBroker, SAGE and Oro Commerce provided a much smoother and more efficient process.

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