SaaS Platform Custom Development

Thanks to our approach, we can help you deliver a solution to your customers more quickly and at a lower cost.

Full Service From Hosting To Styling

Improve Your ROI
Superior Functional Stack

Using our libraries and frameworks, which are both unique and fully-customizable, means your authentication, subscription monetization, integration and service administration experiences begin with a head start.

Rapid Development Times

Cut Development Cost and Maintenance

Reduce Runtime Errors in Complex Applications

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Objectives-based Tech

We start by understanding your business objectives so that we can design a technology strategy to enable you to deliver on them. Our business analysts and project managers help you define and prioritize progress.

2 Birds One Stone

We have successfully launched multiple platforms for clients and even manage one of our own. That means when we make improvements to our stack, you get them as part of the natural course of building and upgrading your service. That’s a WIN WIN for everyone!

API-First Approach

Given the focus on microservices of this approach, you can imagine that APIs connecting with everything are a natural part of the design process. Not only are they fully customizable, but they are secure by design. Whether RESTful or GraphQL, our API implementations empower what is really important: business partnerships.

All-Inclusive All-Encompasing

Using our libraries and frameworks, which are both unique and fully-customizable, means your authentication, subscription monetization, integration and service administration experiences begin with a head start.


A Team With A Track Record

Kriya RevGen Spider 2.0

Kriya RevGen Spider 2.0 Desktop
Kriya RevGen Spider 2.0 Mobile


Kriya RevGen provides revenue management services to the hotel industry using a proprietary analysis tool.


They saw an opportunity to expand access to the SaaS tool but were hampered from doing so by limitations in the existing architecture. They needed to dramatically increase the amount of data that could be ingested and analyzed in the fast-paced, 24-hour business cycle of hotels.


Razoyo rearchitected and rebuilt the system on our Elixir stack.


Kriya, the SaaS platform built by Razoyo, launched in May of 2021, enabling Kriya to increase dramatically the number of hotel locations under management by the system, accelerating Kriya’s growth. Additionally, Kriya was able to reduce a very sizable hosting bill and invest that in additional innovation.

Automotive Insurance Industry Client

Automotive Insurance Industry Client Desktop
Automotive Insurance Industry Client Mobile


A provider of extended warranty services to automotive dealerships had a system for evaluating and communicating program results to dealers and fulfilling informational obligations to customers.


Data sources were disparate and inconsistent which led to an enormous amount of manual intervention by a developer each month. Due to instability, auto dealerships were unable to see the financial impact of the program, which was a major selling point.


Razoyo redesigned the entire data intake program and created a single page application that provided a smooth, native app-like experience for consumers.


Monthly data intake is now overseen by an analyst on the client’s team who dedicates only a few minutes each month. Customers now see timely account information and dealerships see the positive impact on their business each month. Additionally, the Razoyo solution cut hosting costs in half.


AutomaticFFL(tm) Desktop
AutomaticFFL(tm) Mobile


Online firearms merchants must ship only to licensees approved by the ATF in order to ensure compliance with identity checks. There is a limited list of them that is updated daily. Razoyo decided to address this challenge by creating a service that allows merchants to restrict shipment of firearms to authorized dealers for pick up.


The system needs to be extremely fast, reliable and easy to use in order to avoid the creation of friction in the checkout process. Self-serve installation was also a critical success factor along with automated billing.


Using a design-thinking approach, Razoyo developed user experience requirements for customers (check out) and merchants (admin panel). We applied our Elixir stack and integrated Braintree for subscription payments, developed a self-service installation process for BigCommerce and used a number of Google tools including Google Maps, Google Big Table and Google Firebase authentication.


Within the first six months of launch, AutomaticFFL became the de facto standard for gun merchants on the BigCommerce platform. Because of the umbrella application design, Razoyo has the capability to create many SaaS services for the ecommerce industry.

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