Donations For War Orphans In Ukraine

Contact Us If You Have And Would Like To Donate Gifts For War Orphans In Ukraine

We need items that meet the following criteria

  • Appropriate for a child between the age of 5 and 16
  • Not too heavy - prefer 5 lbs or less, nothing over 10 lbs on its own
  • Low volume to weight ratio like books, art supplies, matchbox cars, board games
  • Small, battery-powered or rechargable electronics
  • $25 or less value each (we have a lot of kids to help and don’t want one of them to get something that is much higher in value than others)
  • Unwrapped but in original packaging

Other, great items include clothing, holiday toys, dolls or similar items (bobble-heads) -contact us if you have questions.

To make a donation in kind, please contact us and we will provide instructions for shipping your item to our inspection center in the US.

Items that are inappropriate

  • Anything with a polical message or that disparages anyone or any country
  • Items that you could not take in a carry-on on a commercial airline flight (big lithium battery packs, compressed gasses, toxic or corrosive chemicals, inflammable items like candles, anything that could be used as a weapon)
  • Liquids of any kind
  • Toy guns or anything to do with the war (we’re trying to help them escape it for a minute, not prepare for the front lines)
  • Items that are only appropriate for adults or that have adult themes
  • Items for young children that require fluent English (e.g., See-And-Say in English, board games in English), though games designed to teach English as a second language are perfectly appropriate

For security reasons, we may do the following

  • Inspect items that are not in original, untampered packaging
  • Refuse to ship any item we deem inappropriate or dangerous

If we are unable to ship your item for any reason, we will contact you and ship it back (at your cost) or donate to a local charity (if appropriate).

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