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Donations In Kind For Ukraine

Contact Us If You Have And Would Like To Donate Any Of These Items

Specific Requests From The Front Lines

  • Body armor 3rd and 5th level of protection
  • Radio transmitters of trunking type like Motorola DP4400 or DP 4800 or Hytera
  • Thermal imaging sights (PULSAR, HELLION, QUANTUM, OXION)
  • Drones (Autel Evo II Dual Rugged Bundle, Autel Evo II v2 RuggedBundle, Mavic 3 Fly More Combo)
  • Starlink Satellite Internet receiver

Other Useful Items

  • Military or first-responder first aid kits
  • USB rechargeable power packs
  • Solar phone chargers

Options For Donations Of Equipment

  1. Ship directly to our receiving partner in Poland. Due to the fluid nature of the situation, our partners' warehouses and locations are subject to change. Submit a request in the form below letting us know contents, size and date of arrival. We’ll get you the right address.
  2. We send you a shipping label. Submit the form below and we’ll send you the documents for shipping.
  3. Send your items to us. Submit the form below describing the shipment especially what type (boxes, pallets, truckload). We’ll work with you to coordinate delivery. Once we receive the items we will forward them to Poland.
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